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Post  Juanx98 [ Forum Mod ] on Sat Oct 27, 2012 9:41 pm

In this topic we will tell you all the updates that have been made so far. Dates in this post might not be 100% accurate beacuse of the time difference between countries. These dates are made ​​from the time of Chile (UTC/GMT -03:00 right now)


Today the server opened and we had to start building the spawn. We had to use a non bukkit server because bukkit has not yet been updated to version 1.4.2 of minecraft. When bukkit for minecraft 1.4.2 is released we will change to bukkit. We got griefed so we had to backup and fix the spawn and some decorations we made. We received new members in the staff.

-First open of the server (Normal server)
-Owner: Jay
-Spawn Created
-Forum Created
-Fixed spawn after some griefing attacks
-Fixed some decorations after griefing attacks
-myworldhp22 joined as player support
-Rabbit67890 joined as player support
-Elden_ joined as player support
-Juanx98 joined as forum moderator
-dragonraider011 joined as moderator
Today the server changed to bukkit server and we could add plugins. We add factions and build their spawns. Then Some of them fucked up got buged and we had to fix them.

-Chris_Jersey joined as Forum Moderator
-HitManM joined as Player support
-Elden_ was promoted to moderator
-Server changed to bukkit server
-Plugin essentials added
-Plugin World edit added
-Plugin World Guard added
-Plugin Chest shop added
-Plugin Essentials Chat added
-Plugin Essential Protect added
-Plugin Essential Spawn added
-Plugin xAuth added
-Plugin Factions added
-Plugin Just Warp added
-Chatbox added in the homepage of the forum
-Add faction Owner
-Add faction Moderators
-Add faction Playersp
-Add faction ForumMods
-Add faction Kings
-Add faction Slendermen
-Add faction Witherman
-Add faction Ice
-Spawn Fixed
-Forum reorganized


Today we finished the spawn and Jay enabled mobs!. The coliseum was improved, plugins were added and we received new members of the staff

-Spawn fixed and completed
-Coliseum fixed
-Mobs enabled
-PirateCow joined as a Player Support
-Dreer joined as Player support
-Tedwed joined as GFX designer
-Plugin Tim the enchanter added
-Plugin Core Protect added
-Plugin PvP toggle added
-Plugin Clear lag added
-Plugin Simple Warnings added


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