Newsletter #1 29/10/12

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Newsletter #1 29/10/12 Empty Newsletter #1 29/10/12

Post  Chris [ Forum Mod ] on Mon Oct 29, 2012 10:58 am

Welcome To the First Simple Craft News Letter
To all,

All of you know simplecraft had been Under big MAINTENANCE As So
We do Thank you with you patience we did regret having to temp-ban everyone
because we we're Getting disturbed building of the spawn we have now we hope
you like the current spawn and get to Use it as much as you want to use it

It is also available to buy plots soon so have your eyes out for when we say you can buy your own plot.

We would also like to tell you from now on if you beg for op you will be temp banned from the server for 1 hour.

Thank you for reading this
-Chris [ Forum Mod ] and on behalf of all the staff![i]

Chris [ Forum Mod ]

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